Tanderm Flight (Tanderm Paragliding) in Danyang

  • 1. Experience in Danyang with beautiful scenery

    - You will meet the best paragliding team over the most peaceful scenery

  • 2. Escape from daily routine life

    - Get a chance to escape and feel the freedom of flying through the sky

  • 3. Unforgettable excitement!

    - The moment you land on the earth after flight, you will realize that you have just made another unforgettable memory.
    *Inquiries / reservation : 043-421-3326, +82)010-9031-3326

    * If you have any inquiries, please contact only by e-mail. we'll reply within 24 hours.

  • - The basic course : 110,000\ (not including video)

    the basic course is for enjoying the scenery without tension.
    (video recording 22,000\)

  • - Art course : 130,000\ (not including video)

    The Art course is fun and thrilling flight. You can enjoy paragliding techniques.
    (video recording 22,000\)

  • - VIP course : 200,000\ (including Filming video)

    The VIP course is a basic course+art course+self-controlled flight experience.
    The experience time is 15-20 minutes, unlike other courses.


  • 1.Selected as the best safety company for MBN boradcaters(safety wear, safety video traning)

  • 2.All In One(paragliding+resort+ATV+observatory all in one place)

  • 3.The only private gliding and landing fied in Korea, parking lot(Over 5,000 pyeong)

  • 4.Safety officer who was previously a fireman

  • 2.All In One(paragliding+resort+ATV+observatory all in one place)

  • 6.TV appearance including 2016 KBS, 2 Days and 1 Night(Episode with Park Bo Gum)

  • 7.Held two-person tandem paragliding tournament

  • 8.Held 2018 International tournament(held international tournament for the first time in Asia as a private take-off run

Experience flight procedure

  • For a 2 person paragliding flight, an expert pilot and the participant do it as a team, Those who have no knowledge of flight can do it.

    #Older than 4 years old, over 14kg can participate!

    #However, depending on the weather, the age and weight restrictions for flight may vary slightly.


  • 1.ATV 30% discount

  • 2.Clay target shooting 10% discount

  • 3.Rafting 10% discount

  • 4.Janhoe Ferry cruise ship 2,000won/person discount

  • 5.Paravillage resort 20% discount

  • 6.Dream Mountain resort 20% discount

  • 7.Danyang partner restaurant 10% discount or complimentary dish

  • 8.Danyang downtown or Gosu Cave free pickup Page 2(Course and fare information)

Address and pick-up

  • Chungcheongbuk-do, Danyang gun,Gagok-myeon,Dusan-gil 196-52(Sapyeong-ri 246-6)

Pick-up service

  • Danyang Station           8:50, 10:40, 11:40, 13:05, 15:20, 16:40

  • Danyang Bus Terminal  9:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:15, 15:40, 16:50

Glance through pictures

  • 1. Pick-up at Danyang Station and drive to take-off base.

  • 2. Visit the reception desk, fill out the consent form

  • 3. Watch the safety video and go outside with your cell phone and follow the Pilot.

  • 4. Follow a Pilot and use the equipment before flying.

  • 5. Flying

  • 6.After landing, you put the recording file on your mobile phone. back in a car

  • 7. Drop off at DANYANG Staion. or Danyant bus Terminal.


  • 1. Departure from Seoul

    - Bus : Dong Seoul Terminal - Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal - Pick-up service (12 times a day. It takes 2h 30m.)
    - Train : Cheongryangri Station - Danyang Station
    - Dong Seoul Terminal is very close to Gangbyeon Station (Subway line 2 #214)

  • 2. Departure from Daegu

    - Daegu Bukbu Intercity Bus Terminal - Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal - Pick-up service (It takes 3h 50m.)

  • 3. Departure from Busan

    - Train : Bujeon, Dongrae, Haeundae Station - Danyang Station (It takes from 4h 38m to 5h 16m)
    - Bus : Busan Central Bus Terminal - Danyang Intercity Bus Terminal - Pick-up service (It takes 6 hours.)

Company info

  • CompanyDanyang Paragliding

  • AddressSapeong-ri 246-6, Gagok-myeon, Danyang-gun, Chungbuk


  • Contact number +82) 043-421-3326 KAKAO TALK>

Nearby Tourist Spots

  • 1. The world of Taiost Hermit you can reach, 'Sangseonam'

    - Lots of small rocks that remind you of simple and heartwarming Korean neighbors

  • 2. Casting a clear shadow on the blue waterway, 'Dodamsambong'

    - The peak of the world which rises in the middle of flowing blue river, 'Dodamsambong'

  • 3. Another view in the beautiful scenery, 'Stone Gate'

    - After passing the observatory of Dodamsambong, you can find a rainbow shaped stone gate.

  • 4. One tortoise fallen in the beautiful scenery, 'Gudambong'

    - The rocks on the precipitous cliffs resemble a tortoise.

  • 5. Namcheon Stream where a natural forest is well preserved

    - The water is clear and visitors are rare so a natural forest is well preserved.

  • 6. Sadong Valley where the clear and cool water of valley flows

    - The water of the valley coming from Dosolbong and Myojeokbong of Sobaek Mt. flows to Jangjeong Village.

  • 7 Gosu Cave

    - 1,700m natural cave where you can feel the mystery of ancient times For more information about Danyang, go to

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